Lavender Hospice: Embracing Comfort at Home in Phoenix, AZ and Its Surrounding Cities

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In Home Hospice Care

In-Home Hospice Care:
A Brief Overview

In-home hospice care provides medical support, pain management, and emotional care to patients with life-limiting conditions in the comfort of their homes. This service enhances the patient's quality of life and offers relief to family caregivers, ensuring a supportive environment during a crucial phase. It's a compassionate approach, promoting dignity and comfort at life's end.​

Medicare and Home Hospice:
Who Qualifies?

Medicare's home hospice care is specifically designed for patients who are certified by a doctor to have a life expectancy of six months or less. Accepting hospice care means choosing comfort-focused treatment over active curative interventions. To maintain this service, patients' continued eligibility is assessed regularly to ensure that hospice care remains the most beneficial and appropriate choice for their condition.

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Lavender Hospice:
Steps to Apply

To apply for Lavender Hospice care under Medicare, consult with your doctor about your health status and eligibility. The physician must certify a life expectancy of six months or less. Upon certification, contact Lavender Hospice to arrange for an assessment and discuss the specific services needed. Remember, opting for hospice means choosing comfort care over curative treatments.